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A Guide to Choosing the Right Veil For Your Wedding Day

I first started designing wedding accessories ten years ago now, when my own search for a suitable veil was proving fruitless. Having purchased a paired down and simple dress ( that’s just me), I felt I was able to go down the route of something a little more full on but a longer veil just didn’t work with it even if it was a simple one. Birdcage veils were just starting to come into the forefront of bridal trends. I knew it was what I wanted but they weren’t very easy to come by. ( Insert pic My wedding day) So I set out to make my own, after all I do have a degree in Fashion and Textiles so thought I’d put it to use.

Now things are very different, the choice is endless and even the long traditional veil has made a huge comeback of late. But how do you begin to decide what works for you? You choice of venue, the time of year and style of dress are all big factors in this decision. So don’t be afraid to try on lot of different styles, as you may be surprised at what works.

First of all let’s look at the long veil, as it’s made such a massive comeback. It certainly makes for a dramatic photo especially on a windy day and contrary to what may think you don't need to be getting married in a church to wear one. Team with a headpiece accessory too and when you take your veil off you still have a lovely look for the rest of the day.

The cowl back veil has been a newer trend in the last year or so and can be a gorgeous way to show off a particular hairstyle or an interesting back on your dress. Here I have added some simple lace leaf motifs for an elegant and paired down look. ( insert Long Cowl back veil 1 and 2) Again you can add a pretty accessory to this like my flower garland or a boho hand beaded lace headband. ( Insert Cowl back veil with floral garland and Long veil teamed with headband images) It’s a style that can be very minimal or really pretty and boho.

My long veils all come in different softnesses of tulle and can be made in colours too. Starting from £95.00 for a standard 165cm length.

Shorter veils have been having a bit of a moment too with the 60’s trend being big this wedding season. A shorter veil can be the perfect addition to a retro brides’ style or for a city wedding. My short veils start from £50 so make a great option if you are having an official ceremony at perhaps a townhall followed by a big wedding party elsewhere. In these stranger times too the micro wedding or elopement has become king and a shorter veil is a stylish choice for this

A shorter or mid length veil is also a wonderful way to wear something with texture, embroidery or pattern without it being as overwhelming as a long veil would be- for example my mid length lace scallop edge veil

Blusher veils and birdcage veils are the newer kids on the block in terms of wedding style over the decades, but funnily enough based on the vintage styles of the 40s and 50s we have so come to love. Choose a cute side blusher in tulle or birdcage for a city wedding, a more casual look ( insert daisy tulle blusher veil and Double layer blusher images here) They are also brilliantly stylish on brides with short hair! ( insert short haired bride image here)

Birdcages are by far my top selling veil, regardless of trends. based on my own wedding prep I’d say they’ve had a good 10 year run of popularity now and have just evolved from a really vintage look to a more modern and edgy finish. Even seen gracing the catwalks of Chanel last season. I love love love how they look with a statement headband!

Choose from finer or larger mesh sizes for dramatically different looks. For a glamorous look and something different how about my blush colour lace birdcage veil. Keep it simple with my fine birdcage veil headband or nod towards the 60s and embellished headband trend with my Embellished Daisy Birdcage Veil Band. An oversized bow, which is really coming through this season, looks fabulous with a birdcage veil. A cute birdcage blusher, seen here playing tribute to the famous Manchester Bee ( it’s my hometown of the last 11 years so had to be done) make a for a cute look too

The myth that your veil must always be removed after the ceremony really is that, a myth. It’s all about comfort, and choice. Birdcage veils can be worn just above the eye making them perfect for day long wear. Just look at my real bride Leah here looking glamorous, relaxed and comfortable with her birdcage veil standing out against that amazing pink hair!

To really personalise your veil, go bespoke. Pop me an enquiry HERE and we can set up a zoom or hopefully one days soon a bridal appointment at my studio. Either way you can still drink tea or fizz and chat weddings with me. I hope I have given you some food for thought and little inspiration.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xxxx


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