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I am not one for rules, and definitely not on your wedding day. Bows are having a moment, a really big moment. For me, if you have the confidence to go for a bow then you should damn well style it however you like! Here's some inspo

Go for a huge one with long ties and let that be your veil. Simple

Short and cute, with clusters of pearls. Its not really a veil but it kinda is. Perfect for a city bride or elopement, this one is giving me all the Vegas vibes

Pretty in pink, bows are a great way to add a splash of colour. This pink duchess satin handmade bow on a banded birdcage veil teams gorgeously with quirky earrings for a punky look

Civil ceremonies love this style, a classic silk handmade ivory bow on a short birdcage but that central vintage flower giving it a gorgeous modern edge

Same satin bow, 3 different colours and styles....


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