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Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe

Handmade Bespoke & Heirloom Bridal Accessories

Welcome to Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe from me, Nicola, sole designer and maker. For twelve years now I've been best known for my range of vintage inspired but modern bridal accessories designed for timeless, stylish brides and their bridesmaids. These include statement embellished headbands, handstiched headpieces, soft full length and birdcage veils. I also have a thoughtful range of gifting ideas from garters to lucky wedding horseshoes and luxurious gift sets for the morning of the wedding. ​ I adore creating bespoke one off pieces and repurposing family heirlooms into new pieces You can click below to ask me more about my bespoke service.  Everything is handmade in my Manchester based studio.  I'd love to meet up in person or virtually to discuss your 2022 wedding ideas.

New & Limited Products


I often repair and repurpose beadwork on wedding dresses and can make bespoke capes, shoulder pieces and sashes or belts too.

How I Aim to be as Sustainable as

It is really important to me to be as sustainable as I possibly can with my work and to be transparent about this. My business was started on the basis of making keepsake items using vintage jewellery and lace to make one off pieces by me at home alone, probably the ultimate in sustainable. As the years have passed I have evolved and my range has expanded but I am still the sole maker. So you can rest assured you know who made your piece and it is still all made here in my UK studio. I have moved last year to all my ribbons being made using recycled plastic bottles and my horseshoes are bought from a British farrier and cleaned by my own ( occasional family helper!) fair hands. It’s dirty work. I still scour vintage ships for my jewels and laces but where I haven't I try to buy from small independent businesses like myself. All of my earrings are made from leftover components that I have from my headpieces and veil commissions, making them zero waste and in general my work involves a lot of finding ways to use up remnants. An offcut of a long veil can become a lovely tulle bow with a bit of working out. My pieces are all designed to loved and cherished forever, worn again in many cases or kept and passed onto the next generation for your something old, new, borrowed or blue, reducing waste all round If you would like me to upcycle a vintage piece I have rebeaded full vintage wedding dresses, repaired and repurposed wax flower crowns and made brand new modern style veils from a 1970's veil someone somewhere dragged out of an attic. Everything can be used and repurposed somehow and everything has it’s own story to be turned into a new beginning You can learn to be sustainable yourself at one of my make your own headpiece craft workshops, a great activity for a hen party where we use one off and repurposed jewellery to make unique headwear.

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